Туроператор "ИЛВА"


June 21-26, 2017

The Plein-Air Painting Festival is held in the hometown of the famous painting master. Chagall and Vitebsk have become a history so firmly that nowadays it is hard and sometimes impossible to cut this invisible string between the genius creator and his hometown. The process of Marc Chagall’s formation as an artist took place in Vitebsk. In 1918, he opened the People’s School of Arts here. The opening of the school started the formation of the special art world where his colleagues and friends had been involved. Among them was Kazimir Malevich, Vera Ermolaeva, Lazar Lissitzky, Nikolai Suetin, Ilya Chashnik, Lazar Khidekel, Lev Yudin, etc. This group of artists has created the unique phenomenon in the art history, which is now known as the Vitebsk Renaissance.
1st day
Meeting at the railway station. Transfer to the hotel in the city center. Breakfast.
Sightseeing bus and walking tour “Amazing Vitebsk”. You will enjoy the magnificence of the architecture of the city with more than a thousand years of history, combining the West and East features; perfectly preserved and restored buildings of historic area of the city of the XVIII-XIX centuries; camel-backed Vitebsk streets where you can run up and .... catch the air. Town Hall – the symbol of a free city. Church of the Resurrection is one of the most beautiful monuments of Vilnius Baroque, majestic Cathedral of the Assumption, the pedestrian street of Suvorov with souvenir shops, art galleries, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops located along it. The Annunciation Church is a monument of ancient architecture of the XII century. The pearl of modern architecture is the Summer Amphitheatre - the best performance venues in Europe, which runs the world famous arts festival “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”. Painting plein-air in the old town.
2nd day
Breakfast. Transfer to the memorial house of Mark Chagall. Marc Chagall spent his early days in the house in Pokrovskaya street which was built by the artist’s father in early 1900th. He wrote about this period of his life in the autobiographical book “Ma vie” (My Life). The House Museum was opened in 1997. Its collection consists of household articles which were in use at the turn of XIX-XX centuries, as well as the copies of archival documents and works by Chagall, relating to the artist and his family’s life in Vitebsk.
Sketches of residential development in Pokrovskaya street. Studies near the memorial house of Mark Chagall and courtyard. Visit to the Marc Chagall Art Center. The museum’s collection contains a series of illustrations to Nikolai Gogol’s poem “Dead Souls” (1923-1925), the series of color lithographs on the theme of the Bible created in 1956 and 1960, the cycle of color lithographs titled 12 tribes of Israel (1960), and other works by Mark Chagall. The time range of Chagall’s graphics, presented in the exhibition, is wide and allows the viewer to see how the work of Marc Chagall was developed, how the drawing was changed on his work, and how gradually and more confident he introduced the color into his graphic arts. Painting plein-air.
3rd day
Breakfast. Vitebsk art school. Master-class by Alexander Maley who is the member of the Belarus Union of Artists, the creator of “Kvadrat” (Square) Creative Union. He has published works on the theory of art. He had exhibitions in Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Spain, America, Germany, Canada, Finland, Poland, and Kazakhstan. He won the 1st prize at the First international plein-air “Malevich. UNOVIS. Modernity”. Visit to the Vitebsk Children Art School, where the traditions of Vitebsk art school are actively maintained and developed. Teachers experience exchange seminar.
4th day
Breakfast. Transfer to the Zdravniovo estate - the Ilya Yefimovich Repin museum, located in 16 km from Vitebsk on the picturesque banks of the Western Dvina river. You will enjoy shady avenues laid by Ilya Repin, the steep bank of the high-speed river, mirrored surface of the pond, an opportunity to take pictures on the artist model hill “Mont Blanc”, make a wish at the silver poplars, planted 120 years ago by the great artist. Excursion to the museum. Sketches and drawings on the picturesque banks of the Western Dvina river.
Watercolor master-class by Felix Gumen who is the member of the Belarus Union of Artists. He is an outstanding watercolor painter of today Belarus and world art.
5th day
Breakfast. Departure to Polotsk - the oldest city of the eastern Slavs. Sightseeing bus and walking tour of the state cultural and historical reserve (the Lower Castle with the defensive wall of Ivan the Terrible epoch, Epiphany Cathedral - architectural monument of the XVIII century, cabin of Peter the Great, site of ancient settlement, Red Bridge, monument to Frantsisk Skoryna – printing pioneer, etc.). Tour to the Upper Castle with a visit to Saint Sophia Cathedral - the pearl of Kievan Rus’ architecture (XI-XVIII centuries). Excursion to the Saint Euphrosyne Women monastery (XII century). Sketches and drawings.
6th day
Breakfast. Opening of the exhibition by the works of plein-air participants. Summarizing. Ceremony of awarding diplomas and multimedia discs. Ceremony of presenting certificates to teachers. Free time. Departure.
Cost in €*:
Hotel*** (double standard rooms)
Residential hotel (blocks of 2+3 and 2+1 beds)

One charge-free bed for every 10 people

* For non-cash payments, from 2 to 3 per cent will be charged for conversion


Prices include:
- Transport services;
- 5 nights in chosen hotel;
- Breakfasts;
- Excursion program;
- Tickets to museums;
- Accompanying guide.
Additional charge:
- Management fee of 15.00 € (management of
  master-classes, seminars on experience
  exchange with the certificate delivery,
  summarizing the exhibition results with
  diploma delivery);
- Lunch or dinner on request - 5 € per